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Home Users - Century City is an integrated commercial, residential and leisure precinct where thousands of families live, work, shop and play. Century City Connect enhances this lifestyle by offering residents first-world internet connectivity.A number of residential developments are now connected, they include Little Moorings, Quayside, Quaynorth, Ashton Park, Knights Bridge, Island Club and The Residences at Crystal Towers.

The benefits of Century City Connect include

No ties to lengthy contracts
The cost of each ISP trenching fibre individually means the client has to enter into long pricey contracts and incur substantial initial connection fees. A carrier-neutral network, however, provides a competitive environment in terms of level and range of services offered, costings, and connections. Owing to this the timings of contracts will be considerably shorter.

Unrivaled download and online upload speeds
Video streaming, online gaming and social interaction sites will be fast and easy to use with no interruptions owing to slow connections.

TV Reception
Residents will receive normal free-to-air TV channels and can simply plug in their DStv decoders without the inconvenience and expense of installing satellite dishes for paid TV channels.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following Residential schemes are connected:
-Little Moorings
-Crystal Towers Residences
-Ashton Park
(We are constantly adding new residential schemes to the network, watch this space for updates or log an enquiry on the contact page)
CCC can connect clients to the last mile in 5-10 business days (Please keep in mind that these times excludes ISP turnaround time which is out of our control)
You can choose any of the accredited ISPs, CCC builds the last mile and the ISP provides the service over the last mile. You will deal directly with the ISP as per normal.
See our DSTV help section below or speak to your body corporate for more info
Line speeds available are 10Mbps-100Mbps
No, you can order internet and telephone services directly from any of the accredited ISPs
You will deal with your ISP directly who will assist you with any support or sales quiries
Unfortunately this service is only available in Century City at the moment

DSTV Setup Guide

Need help to set up your DSTV fibre connection? Just follow our handy guide.


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