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Business Users - Century City is home to a large network of diverse businesses, large and small, creating a huge demand for up-to-date, modern technology. In an age of online and digital prominence, where mostbusiness is conducted over the internet, through email and even video conferencing, each business needs to know they can depend on the most efficient network connection.

The benefits of Century City Connect include

Choice of ISPs
A total of sixteen accredited independent Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have been selected by Century City Connect to offer connectivity. Specifically designed packages will be offered to companies by each ISP, allowing you to choose the one that best caters for your business requirements and budget.

No ties to lengthy contracts
The cost of each ISP trenching fibre individually means the client has to enter into long, pricey contracts and incur substantial initial connection fees. A carrier-neutral network, however, provides a competitive environment in terms of level and range of services offered, costings, and connections. Owing to this, the length of contracts will be considerably shorter.

Video conferencing
ISPs can offer revolutionary broadband and data speeds enabling high tech abilities such as video conferencing.

Sending/receiving large data files
Most companies today will use independent data sending services. This can be a costly and certainly an indirect way of sending important information. ISPs can offer specific packages to enable large data files to be sent within seconds.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can use our Availability Checker to see the status of your buildings connection. Alternatively, please send us a query and we will get back to you.
CCC can connect clients to the last mile in 5-10 business days (Please keep in mind that these times excludes ISP turnaround time which is out of our control)
You can choose any of the accredited ISPs, CCC builds the last mile and the ISP provides the service over the last mile. You will deal directly with the ISP as per normal.
Fibre is an enabler, once you have the high speed access anything is achievable: Video conferencing, VOIP, High speed off site backups and certainly cloud computing. We recommend that you speak to your partner ISP to explain the pro’s and con’s of moving your business to the cloud
Line speeds available are 10Mbps-100Mbps
No, you can order internet and telephone services directly from any of the accredited ISPs. Huge savings are achieved on phone bills when moving to VOIP
You will deal with your ISP directly who will assist you with any support or sales quiries

Fibre Availability Check

Get your business connected to the fast lane. Use our handy tool to check for fibre availability in your area.


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